Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Smiling to life.

Are you smiling and feeling on top of the world? Many are not! Most places I visited, people seemed to be unhappy, afraid, negative and unsure what is going to happen for this year...due to the world financial meltdown.

Just to quote you an example...the other day, while I was having my lunch in one of my favorite bak kuit teh restaurant, Ah Fah, the shopkeeper came over to my table to chat. She likes talking with me because I always offered her wisdom learning. She started with this statement, "business is very bad lately, customers are eating less and I don't know why". I was shaking my head to reply her, "you are to be blamed coz you make everybody scared!"

The reason was quite simple. Instead of saying positive and encouraging words, Ah Fah was spreading fear and uncertainties to her customers. If she could relate the above statement to me, most likely she would have spoken to many other customers who patronized her shop. Not uttering a word would be better but words spoken pessimistically could cause fear and anxiety. By her saying business was bad might have triggered the draw back out of her customers. Instead of ordering more food, they rather tightened their belt now. To make things worst, her customers would again spread this unpleasant news to their friends causing a chain reaction in the market. I am sure, there are many Ah Fahs out there who could be causing more harm innocently to our economy.

Another typical example. My brother in law, Hock Cheng came over to my house. His first remark was, "Is going to be a bad bad year!" I asked him, "When did you ever tell me that there was a good good year for you brother? Before was bad and today is still bad!"

I reminded Hock Cheng, as long as we are healthy, we should be grateful to The Universe. Go to the hospitals and we should see those who are sicked with incurable diseases. A healthy and jovial person, stands a chance to make the year more fruitful and meaningful. A smile attracts another smile. Feel to be on top of the world and it would attract more success to come. How bad we face...I believe every cloud has its silver lining.. be brave and smile. Life is a matter of attitude...think positively everyday.

Food for the thought - "The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves" - Hellen Keller


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

Life becomes of what you say it will become. If you say its going to be bad...then thats what it will be...but if you say its going to be great..then thats what it will be too.
In other words, God listen to your praises of thankfulness and he gives you more to do (bad/good) to improve within your capacity each and every day.
So words of "good" brings positive energy and blessings from God.

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi RL...

Today is a wonderful day and I am glad RL is my admirable friend. Thank you for sharing.