Saturday, January 10, 2009

A guardian to my client's children.

Jeanette is a great mother who raised her three children well. Working only as a private tutor, she knew it won't be easy for her to send her deserving children for oversea studies. When they were much younger, she had reminded them that they had to study hard in the government schools, to qualify for the universities later. The children were equally intelligence to understand the mother's financial constraint. One of the elder child, Jonathan whom I had seen him grown since a baby, had just completed his senior secondary education. He did extremely well in his final examination and was awarded a Canadian scholarship to study in Canada too. I was so proud of him and felt so happy for the mother.

Tomorrow Jonathan would be flying off to Canada. Before leaving, his mum had requested me to speak to his son. She wanted me to have 'a man to man's talk' to the boy who is turning to be a man soon. I invited the smart son to meet me over at my club where we had a friendly chat. I no longer treated him like a little child for he is a full grown person now, as tall as six feet and two inches and very mature in look, tough he is only 18.

We talked about the past, of how time passed so rapidly and we shared moments of cheers and laughter. I told him, seventeen years ago when my sons left for oversea studies, I set three rules for them before they flew off. The rules were very simples. They could do anything they like when they were abroad, but they had to promise me that they had to fulfill these three rules. The three rules were; one - don't bring home a foreign wife. Two - don't bring home HIV. Three - bring home a university's degree. On hearing my rules, Jonathan was laughing. However things had changed. Today I think, myself and his mother would be more than happy, if Jonathan agreed to accept not three rules but to accept just the last two...don't bring home HIV but bring back his educational degrees. As expected, Jonathan being young but witty, understood my advices, he shook my hand and promised the two rules will be fulfilled.

On the way home, I felt the sensation in my heart...I had the privilege and honour to act as a guardian for being a caring life insurance agent to the family. I had played my role and responsibility with sincerity and I believe the young man will make it as well. Good luck son!!!

Food for the thought - "The most sensible people are not reluctant to consider the feelings of other people; and to know how to submit to the wise guidance of others is a kind of wisdom in itsel" — Magdeleine Sable (c. 1599-1678)


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

Its not always people trust someone to be a guardian.
Keep up the special relationship.Your existence is more than just for people around you but for those who will be leaving elsewhere where they will bring apart of you with them.
Its a sweet start for the fist month of the year dont you think?

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi RL,

Yes! Its definitely a sweet and memorable start of the New Year. I felt I am on top of the world. I hope you too.