Sunday, January 04, 2009

Even hawkers sell with love & passion.

In most part of South East Asia, food courts are a way of life to us. Our food is cheap, exotic, tasty and available every corner of most township. Come to our capital Kuala Lumpur, you would be amazed how our various types of food are served. Usually at most food courts or hawkers, they would be packed with customers especially during the lunch or dinner time. You can order your food from one or few food stores, sit any where you like, and they would send your dishes to the place you sit. The court could be crowded and busy but they have the skill and attention to identify each and every of their different customers. They might be just seeing you for a short moment when you order your food at their stands, they are still capable to remember your presence later. This is what I call...professionalism in their own way. Though they are only food hawkers, they are very focus, serious and know their business well. On top of it, their food and drinks have to be good before reaching your palate.

I have known one coffee shop, lady owner whom I patronize for many years, who knows my favorite drinks. If she sees me in the morning, before I could even reach her shop, my hot coffee is already served on the table for me. Or in the afternoon, without ordering, she brings over my expected tea. She knows what her customers like because she loves her business too well. Over at another Cafe Corner, Roy is the part owner who always smiles to his customers. He addresses us whenever we visit his place. We like going to Joy Restaurant who serves food with passion because Joy and her husband cook their food for the customers. They make us feel at home whenever we are at their shop.

All these food caters are doing well because they know what they are doing. Is a competitive business and to survive they have to be good in quality and services. Those who sell with love and passion will succeed and be remembered. What about our life insurance business? I strongly believe...unless those who are serious, committed, focus and love selling life might not make it. Because life insurance deals with the understanding of lives, if you don't have the care and concern for your clients, most likely you would find it very tough to prolong and retain in our passionate business. If you happened to be one agent who doesn't know what I meant, please go out to the food courts and see how others conduct their successful business happily day after day. This is a true fact of life.

Food for the thought - "You are successful the moment you start moving toward a worthwhile goal" — Chuck Carlson


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

Those who are passionate about what they are doing , do things at their best.Passionate is not synthetic..its the nature of the try to find that part of us where we can be passionate..I am sure there are many hearts out there to learn heart we know is you my friend.

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi RL,

Thank you so much with such compliment from you my dear.

Anonymous said...

reading your blog everyday is one of my hobby....:)but this story really draws my attention...when you do something,you must have passion in order to achieve success...its true.i was admitted in hospital few weeks ago.during my stay there,i've seen many nurses who are doing their duty just to earn money...but there was this young,kind-hearted,malay nurse who is doing her job with full passion.all the patients will seek for her help including me.i learned about passion and patience from her.