Friday, January 09, 2009

She is for him.

To achieve success is never an easy task in life. Not only hard work alone, a lot of scarifies, patience, luck, courage and wisdom are needed.

Mani and Suni is one couple I am currently watching. Mani is deeply involved in the local and on international projects. He is a risk taker who has the courage to borrow on high gearing to fund his various businesses. Most of the time he has to fly often to meet up with the political and corporate connection. With a very tight schedule, his local plant is currently managed by Suni, a full time housewife turns an administrator.

Few days ago, I was at her office having a casual chat with her. She was a bit worry because the bank account was running low. She had to be tough to manage a handful of rough workers in the plant. To make thing worst, her husband was also under pressure because of the present anxiety he is facing. The recent medical checkup on him, indicated that he has a slight raise blood pressure.

As a closed friend to them, I advised Suni that she has to be strong first. I reminded her this powerful phrase; "For every successful man, there is always an intelligent lady besides him". The intelligent woman, inspires, motivates, assuring, supportive and loving to her man at all times. All these action will help him to move as he falls. When he is down, she assures him that he is her hero. When he is sad, she hugs and kisses him like a baby. When he is stressful, destresses him with love and sex. I told Suni...that intelligent lady is no other than her...she has to be there for him now.

Specially for my friends Mani & Suni....A good pussy is one which allows the master to throw in all his anger, temper, frustration, tension and anxiety to her pit hole, when joy and contentment will be released again. As long as Mani is under control with the right frame of mind, he would have all his confidence to overrule all obstacles of life, including his present business ventures. I am sure, it is a matter of time success is there for them. Good luck Mani & Suni.

Sex... "Too little sex is boring. Too much sex could be taxing. No sex is frustrating. Have some sex, they will be destressing".


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

No matter what the situation is...especially if its bad, we need to find a way to ease things...and with good helps & our mind works better to resolve the problems.
And I agree with you...not only the female role, but the male need to focus on giving good sex.

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi RL,

Very good my dear. I am glad you supported by suggestion. Some people might disagree and think I am playful. To be successful, one has to be brave and appreciate a wonderful sex relationship.