Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How to love my man to love me faithfully.

I was in Singapore when I met Shirley from the Philippine again. She was still emotional over her husband's death two years ago. Most of the time she visits her only daughter who is married to my brother-in-law, a Singaporean. Over the nite with the family, I had a chance to learn some extraordinary romance from this great lady I so admire.

Shirley and Tony were two love birds, who were well respected as a 'solid couple' back home in Manila. Tony was also my good friend. Before he passed away peacefully, he had told me many times before that the only lady he loved in his life was no other than his beautiful and passionate wife. They were happily married for forty three good years. Asking Shirley this question..."How did you love this man to love you faithfully for these past 43 years?" She wept to express her life with the man she still loves very much.

Ever since she married to him, she took effort to love him till his last breath on bed. She was a marvellous homemaker, making sure the house was a home with comfort and food. I had been to their house twice and I enjoyed every moment of staying there. Their house is a sweet home where all husbands love to go back. She spent most of the time with the husband, accompanying him whenever and wherever possible. She loved listening to him, who spoke with divine and wisdom. Tony had a little fault, he could get upset quite easily with temper. However Shirley being older by three wise years, could understand her hard-headed man. She used her wittiness and charm to humour him, whenever he got a bit tight in mind. With her jovial temperament, she always could make the man laughed with fun. Older was never an obstacle to the lady. She knew how to trim her physical, beautified her personality and spoke elegantly. Being beautiful and attractive, certainly she was able to love him with utmost delight. The lady was very proud of her partner because he had never fallen for another girl before. She had all the smartness, beauty and passion to capture the love of her soul mate.

One important tip I gathered from Shirley. If the husband and wife had a dispute during the day, they would never sleep until their problem was solved. Carrying the problem over the nite could lead to many frustration and pain, which might not be favorable in the long run. The better way is to 'give & take' for each other.

After listening from Shirley, I think these rules have to be changed slightly...
Five Rules For Men To Follow For A Happy Life:
1. Get a woman who helps at home, cooks and clean up.
2. Get a woman, who can make you smile and laugh.
3. Get a woman who you can trust and who does not lie to you.
4. Get a woman who is good in bed and who likes to be with you.
5. It is very important that these four women do no know each other".

The last rule should be rewritten as... "Get only one woman who can play the roles of these four women and you will the happiest man".

While I am writing my blog, Julius Kew sent a sms message to me...."Happy NIU Year! I wish u to have Niu luck, Niu clothes, Niu undies, Niu houses, Niu cars, Niu business, Niu figure money. All niu niu except Niu spouse...don't be too much ok. Hehe". Yes Julius, if all ladies could follow Shirley's way of life and to give the best to her man...there won't be Niu spouse for sure.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

What a sweet couple,its wonderful to know how the "Give and take" can sustain a good solid relationship.
This gives me the inspiration to be creative in my "Give and Take"
Thank you for sharing.

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi RL,

I am sure if one's love is strong and solid, "Give & Take" applies naturally.