Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hobby & passion.

Talking is my hobby and recently I found another one more...blogging. With passion from the heart I write everyday on things I saw and felt daily. Out of my blog, I created and drew some admiration from almost all part of our globe. There are more than 18o countries which had read my blog. Today I had a keen reader, namely Renuka who commented on my recent topic on passion.

She wrote; "reading your blog everyday is one of my hobby....:) but this story really draws my attention...when you do something, you must have passion in order to achieve success...its true. I was admitted in hospital few weeks ago. During my stay there, I have seen many nurses who are doing their duty just to earn money...but there was this young, kind-hearted, Malay nurse who was doing her job with full passion. All the patients will seek for her help including me. I learned about passion and patience from her".

Thank you Renuka. Your compliment and sharing do inspire me. I am sure I will continue to write though I was never a writer before. I love talking, selling is in my blood and certainly my recent interest on blogging helps me to improve my expression in words. You keep reading my blog as a hobby and I promise to keep writing on blog as hobby too. Both need the passion and patience to do it.

Food for the thought - "Beware the hobby that eats" — Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

Passion is something that will not come until the heart speaks so.
I started as a one of the readers...but now a daily reader..and now I find myself a must to share for when my heart speaks.
The passion develops but it needs to start somewhere.

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi RL,

We learn and develop passion from each other here. As long as you read my blog, I will continue to write. Thank you for being my daily reader.