Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Black & White.

Black & white are matching colours, if only you know when and how to use them.

See whether you like this true story here. Twenty years ago, I had a young secretary, named Sharon who was working for me in my old office. She is a mixture of Portuguese and Eurasian. Her complexion was dark with a Malay look. She was sexy, sociable and attractive. Among many admirers who were chasing for her, there were two crazy guys who were madly in love over her. The first gentleman was a medical doctor, a Punjabi who was tall, handsome and very fair in look. The second man was a sub contractor, a half Negro and half Indian, not so handsome, not only dark but black. To cut the story short...Sharon eventually married to the second candidate. She was more comfortable to the black one because she stood fairer with him. As her complexion was dark, the black contrasted and brought her beauty out as a lady. She felt more secure and an ease with the black husband. All attention would be on her when she was with this man. However when she was with the medical doctor who was fair, she seemed to be much more darker in feature. She did not look attractive and appealing. Attention was drawn more to the man than the lady. Although he was the eligible man in comparison, his colour defeated his approach to the woman.

Love could be blind sometimes, but the compatibility of skin colour matching between male and female applies too. Oh I am lucky! Though I am dark but my little darling is fair. I know wherever we go, she will draw a lot of admiration because the contrast of black and white could easily be seen and noticed. I am proud to be with her and equally she is happy with me around. Whether I am right or wrong, please take a bit of time to see this fact of life does apply or not.

Contrast in meaning - "His boots shone splendidly, in contrast to his intellect, which did not. — Joseph Wright Alsop (1910-1989).


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

My lady friend is black her soulmate is white ...yet the man see her as his beautiful angel,as pretty and soft as white cotton...its her inside "white".
The recipe of that "white" is the love, care and trust she gave him.
Yes, you are right, the fact is right..sometimes the ladies need to be whiter than men in many aspects...not only the skin.

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi RL,

Love sometime is blind. What about you my dear. Are u the white one to your soul mate?

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

Yes I am the white one to my soulmate
and I hope to be in every way possible.