Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hot & Spicy!

Over a retreat recently, our company had our yearly meeting at a hill resort. It was a successful gathering with almost five thousand participants who came from all part of the country. I had a chance to meet up with many good friends and buddies. Over the nite, we had some fun and drinks. Most of them brought along their wives or girlfriends to keep companies. It was extremely cold outside, the temperature was below 15 c*, which we considered as very cold for the Malaysian. Though I was the most senior of them all, I like to be cheeky with my friends and their spouses. During our chat, I playfully asked, "You guys must be working very hard last nite on the bed because it was cold. The better way to keep warm is to make love. How I wish my little darling is with me now!" I thought they would agree with my statement. Surprisingly, non took the advantage of the weather to make love. Rather, all of them tugged into the blankets and slept through the nite.

Over this interesting topic, we realized that most people prefer to make love when the weather is warm and not when its cold. Too hot isn't suitable either, because the body sweats and perspires, releasing odour which might not be pleasant for romancing. Extreme cold deters the mood as well, because the body needs heat to keep warm. How could a couple makes love when they are clothed! If the temperature is around 23c* to 25c*, it would be the ideal cool on the outside and yet is warm and comfortable to be felt for all love making. We were laughing all the way in our sharing. How true...the most densely populated nations in the world, are those from the tropical zone. Perhaps hot & spicy can really spike a person up! That's why we say, "we need a warm heart to give love".

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