Thursday, March 19, 2009

Die with a smile.

Yesterday one of my male client passed away without a smile on his face. He was diagnosed of cancer four months ago, suffering in pain, until the sickness succumbed him. A typical man who did not know how to appreciate and enjoy life, except work and money, and hardly spent time with his two children. He was stingy, hot temper, arrogance and had no love for anyone. Since his wife died few years ago, his only son and daughter left him because they too could not tolerate the father's character. During the funeral, I had a chance to look at his face in his coffin, when I could see an unhappy face on him. I believe he was sad and sorrowful at his last moment of live, knowing his closest family members were not around to witness his death. Though he was dead, his facial tells a lot about his feeling and thought.

At the same time, I have another female friend who is suffering from cancer for the past three years. The last few months she was only on drips because the cancer has spread almost to all parts of her intestines. She vomits if solid food is taken. The severe pain and inconvenient are unbearable. She seeks her husband permission to let her die in peace, by taking away the drips from her. She is without water for the last three days and yet could still be living. She refuses to pass out because her only daughter from Europe is coming home to bid farewell to the mother. I believe she could survive at the moment, even though she is extremely weak and because LOVE is in her heart. She is holding her last breath to wait for her loving daughter to return. Although most of her inner organs have given way, I could see the lady still has the smile on her face. Her look is as pleasant as ever because love is in her heart.

I was lucky to have the chance to experience these two friends' suffering before they left this world. Nothing is permanent except death. One left with sadness and the other is happy to leave. When my turn comes, I promise to depart as happy as possible, making sure to die with a beautiful smile.

I like George Asaf's power phrase - "What's the use of worrying? It never was worth while, so pack up your troubles in your old knit bag, and smile, smile, smile".


Just Me said...

This actually made me cry! I think I am living the life of person #1, although I want to live like person #2.

I love your blog, Robert Foo. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and wisdom. Hopefully we can make the world happier, one person at a time.

Robert Foo said...

Hi LMc1381,

I am glad you like this title and my sharing. Please continue to read and I promise I will write more to the world.Sometime have to bear my naughtiness...Ok?

Just Me said...

Hey - I love it all! Naughtiness or Niceness!!