Sunday, March 29, 2009

Passion, Belief & Love.

I received an email from one reader, Cheng.....

Hi Robert, accidentally I found ur blog n interested with ur experiences and wisdom.I m one year experience as the full time insurance agent but the result is part time insurance agent. I would like to seek for your advises or enlightenment for me to break thru in this career.Within these 15 mths in this career, I found that I cant break thru myself with working alone. I feel that my wisdom is more than my action. How to break thru /convert my strength into the action for the consistency performance? I believe in the insurance biz need the consistency but not the shooting star performance. Hopefully you may advise and enlighten me with your wisdom. TQ.

The three main key factors to sell successfully in life insurance are Passion, Belief and Love. Passion...have the desire to meet people, to listen and to understand them. Listening and understanding require plenty of patience and tolerance. After listening, you have to understand to provide all the necessary of what have listened. Listening is an art when others are confidence to speak the heart with you. Understanding is a skill when you could see what is life. Unless you have the passion to see people and are prepared to assist unconditionally, selling life insurance permanently might be tough. Can you see the lady who plays the violin with passion? believe life insurance as a religion or a miracle product which could benefit the needed. To preach with strong faith that our product offers the peace of mind to all families. Believe you are providing food, shelters, education and security to the world. Take yourself as a preacher and not a salesperson.

Love has magical force and energy. It could be created only if you know how to love others willingly with good intention. Be the best friends to those you know, and make sure you have your family support. No man or woman could live alone. Have an intimate love who could inspire and motivate you all the time.

Cheng, the above might sound simple but believe me...they work!

Food for thought - "If you have a passion, then you have something to contribute" — Catherine Muther

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