Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good verses bad.

Last Saturday I had a chance to meet up with Helmi who was celebrating his 24th birthday. A talented self employed young man who specialist in art and design. Over a discussion this interesting question was forwarded to me..."If God gave you a choice to experience the extreme good and the extreme bad, which would you pick?" Mmmmmm!!!!

I was accompanied by another attractive intelligent lady partner then. Without hesitation, I offered the attending lady to answer this unexpected question first. My partner said she would rather go along with the extreme good, select those which are useful and practical, and make the best out of them to help others.

This was my personal comment. I would pick the extreme bad first and later try the good. Without experiencing the bad part of life, I will never be able to understand and appreciate the goodness of what I have. To understand life is to know what is bad and good. A capable person is one who has gone through life with pain and suffering. When later he has to the goodness of himself, he knows how to keep and value them.

Helmi was amazed by complimented me with a 'five' for my favorable answer. He felt I was talking the same wave length with him. At his age, he had almost tried everything from sex to drugs, which all adults claimed are sinful and horrible in nature. However with his intelligence and smartness, he never got hooked up with any bad habits. Today this young man speaks more wiser than most of his peers. His friends are working for someone, whereas he works for himself. He is totally different because he darns to venture the both world of darkness and brightness. Though his parents might be concerned over him, I am sure he would make his parents proud given time.

Food for thought - "You must scale the mountain if you would view the plain" - Chinese Proverb


Just Me said...

."If God gave you a choice to experience the extreme good and the extreme bad, which would you pick?"

I don't know, I like your answer with trying the bad first so you can appreciate what you have better, but I think I am inclined to try the good. I don't know if it would be dependent on "what" the scenario of good or bad is, but I still think I would like to try the good... I don't like placing myself in bad situations, although when I have been in them, like your your young friend Helmi, I have taken lessons from the bad and applied to my everyday life.

Robert Foo said...

Hi LMc1381,

By your saying, I believe you had experienced some form of bad taste in life and know how to avoid them. Otherwise you would not opt to try the good. You must be quite a rounded person my dear.

Just Me said...

I, luckily, have not experienced a lot of bad things... I more or less "experimented". However, I have had many family and friends that have experienced the bad and helping them through things gave me second hand experience.