Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sex by appointment.

Mazuki is a client, turned good friend who always called on me for wisdom learning. Last few days over a cup of morning breakfast, when we met I noticed this young man did not look happy and cheerful. His voice lacked the enthusiasm and confidence. During our conversation, without him realising, he showed his temper and arrogance on me too. He was sad and frustrated because his business is failing and funding is extremely weak due to the current downturn.

I really can't blame him because life is always full of obstacles and problems. Is easy to sail over a calm sea but when the weather turns stormy, one has to learn to beat the strong wind against you. Otherwise obstacles and problems unchecked, would lead to stressfulness and tension. When you are stressful and frustrated, your thinking might be illogical and irrational. Your behaviour could be arrogance and unpleasant to those you communicate and interact. The best way to distress and release stress and tension is to have a good session of sex with the one you love.

After explaining the above matters to Mazuki, I asked him a personal question.."How often you make love with your wife and when was the last one? He said is getting lesser and the last one was on the Saturday night. I went further to ask..."Was it an impromptu session or a fixed appointment date and time between you and wife?" He was doubtful with that question! I explained; an impromptu sex is not a prearranged making, whereas by appointment is prefixed and agreed upon by them. The different between impromptu and by appointment are..the upper might not be fully prepared for the love making, one might be sleepy, or the other needs to sleep early because he/she might need to get up early tomorrow or either one isn't ready for the night. On the hand when appointment is fixed, a date that suits and convenient both, making sure both are fully geared for that exciting evening and preparing the necessary to have a good sex of the week. No effective business, sales, medical checkup, motor car services or holiday could be conducted without an appointment made. Once an appointment is granted, you rest assure the time and peace of mind are given...Including love making.

Mazuki is a healthy and normal growing man who needs an effective love making with his wife. However both currently are worried over their business and related matters, plus not having a satisfying sex, their stress levels remain extremely high at the moment. Perhaps if they attempt to change the mode from impromptu to appointment make, I am sure their sex making would definitely improve. The only way to prove my method is correct and ideal, why don't you, the one who is reading my blog now darn to try once and see. If it works to your sensational advantage, please don't forget to share your experiences in my comment's column. Ok?

Don't you think this is true here - "What holds the world together, as I have learned from bitter experience, is sexual intercourse." - Henry Miller


Just Me said...

Sometimes living a single life does not give the opportunity for sex by appointment or impromptu sex. Although most of us singletons will keep one around for pleasure when most needed. Singletons need to think of other outlets besides constant sex to keep our frowns up-side down. I keep myself busy with things that I love to do, one is working and the second is arts and crafts... meeting friends for some good ole fashion alcoholic beverages always helps too!

Robert Foo said...

Hi LMc1381,

I am sure things will change when you get marry. Let me know when you have found that lucky man.

Just Me said...

I'll keep you updated if things change!