Monday, March 23, 2009

A genuine sale.

What is a genuine sale? One that totally benefits the one who buys. Most often, all sales are concluded with a bit of insincerity in the one who sells. The unprofessional salesperson sells his products with the mind of making and gaining profits out of his sales. Is fair that the person who sells has to make money out of his selling but just to benefit out of the transaction without the consideration of the buyers is definitely unethical and unreasonable.

I might not be well verse in other products but selling life insurance is in my blood. I really hate those inconsiderate and unprofessional agents who sell plans that they gain more in commission and incentives, rather than tailor programs which their clients might need. There are many insurance products and benefits which are created by the companies, which suit the individual according to their budgets and requirements. However the greedy agents and agency managers sell according to their wants and fancies. To make matter worst, they are being carried away by the constant promotions and incentives offered by the companies and their agencies.

Selling life insurance is a long term career which requires patience, sincerity, tolerance, honesty, integrity and fairness. If you are an agent who do not have these qualities, I think you should not be selling these products coz you are doing injustice to our societies and mankind. Selling life insurance is a rewarding career and without the purity of our heart and mind, you would not be able to stay long enough to see the rainbow of our business. I love my little darling and equally I love my career...selling life insurance till my last breath of my life.

Everyday I learn a little - "One must be fond of people and trust them if one is not to make a mess of life" - E. M. Forster

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