Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tips on dating.

Selling is an art and getting to know ladies is a skill. The dressing of a prospect reflexes his personality and the way he talks reveals his character. Today, I learned something interesting from a frank interesting woman who shared the facts of romantic dating.

According to her, many romantic dates were unsuccessful because most males do not understand their ladies. When a girl is prepared to accept a man's dating, he stands a good chance to be nearer to her. She might not speak her heart but a smart man should know her body's language. Be observant the way she dresses prior to her dating with you. If she is a casual lady on normal day but on the outing with you, she dresses very attractively...be well informed...I am sure, she is definitely interested in you. Pay a bit of attention on the blouse she wears. If she has unbuttoned one or two buttons, she is telling you..."am I attractive to you?" If you are truly a nice gentleman, you should offer her your admiration...."my dear, you look gorgeous tonight".

Or perhaps she comes with a daring sexy and loose dress...she is telling you something. Do you know what? Some innocent men might not even know the hint and just let the night passes by. A brave man would romantically invite the lady to his arm and ends the night on the bed.

Yes! The way she dresses could tell you a lot of the lady. BUT! Be careful! In our hot humid country, Malaysia...most young girls love to dress loosely as well. So don't be caught in a wrong situation. I hope these little tips could be useful to those men who are still looking for their loves.

I like Melanie Griffith's statement - "There is a place you can touch a woman that will drive her crazy. Her heart".


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

You really know the language of a woman.
I believe that woman was created to be loved and cared by man, in return the man shall be cherished,loved,cared and made feel needed.
Its a simple formula don't ask for more, because we may not be able to handle our own ideal MR or MRS Right. So get the guts to starts a relationship from simplicity...ie a simple guy or a simple girl.


Robert Foo said...

Hi sister...

I am still learning and I am glad you gave me more know how to date again.

Just Me said...

For me personally, I want to feel wanted by the man. I want him to take interest in what I do and ask me questions. I will do the same in return. Forget about what I am wearing (although you better believe, I will look good), and lets exercise our minds with each other!

Robert Foo said...

Hi LMc1381...

I would take your advices and apply in my next dating. If I happened to pass your way...pls allow me to take you out too. Ok?

Just Me said...

If you are ever in America's capital, let me know :) And if I ever make it to your side of the world - I will let you know :)

Robert Foo said...

Hi LMc1381,

Thank you for your invitation and I promise we will let u know when we next visit US,and u are always welcome over her as well.