Friday, March 06, 2009

You love me or not?

" you love me coz I am beautiful or I am beautiful coz you love me?"

I was scratching my head, pondering which should be the rightful answer for my little darling. She expected a prompt response from me! This was what I told her. I love her coz she is beautiful....she has the beauty of the heart where love resides. She is beautiful with intelligence and attractiveness. She is beautiful with kindness and affection. She is beautiful in every way I see her. Yes! I love her coz she is a beautiful lady.

The second written "I am beautiful coz you love me" is meant for her to express. She felt beautifully in her heart and soul, coz she knows I truly love her with all sincerity.

I believe the above statement has two entire meanings and application. I might be wrong in my personal perception. Would appreciate, if someone out there who could be kind enough to offer some comments.

In whatever way..."The key to succeeding in a marriage or relationship isn't finding the right person: It's learning to love the person you found".


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

I feel beautiful in every way because my soul mate loves me.
Thats why we all individually needs a soul mate.

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi RL,

Is not easy to find a soul mate...we need a lot of understanding, patience and trust to develop one. I am glad you have found one.