Monday, March 30, 2009

Success is a balanced life

Are you too focus on your career, work or business? Be aware, life is not just only work, work and work. Especially those of my fellow industry colleagues who are so carried away with selling of life insurance. The company and their agencies kept promoting and motivating their people to sell endlessly without knowing that work as a certain limit. In anything we do, there must be a limit...too much or too little is not good.

I have been affiliated with the Million Dollars Round Table for twenty seven years. The International Organisation has taught me to live by the Whole Person Concept or a balanced life in order to achieve a fulfilling live. It started thirty years ago, when The MDRT realized that there were many broken and unhappy marriages to the successful life insurance agents. Meaning, they were making good money in selling but at the expense of their personal and family lives. Success isn't in career alone, more so if one is selling family security and protection, the agent has to be a rounded person. An unhappy agent with a broken marriage doesn't reflex true success. Finally The MDRT developed an effective way to work and live, The Whole Person Concept was established for all aspiring agents.

The Whole Person Concept is a rounded wheel of life with seven spokes to determine the living styles of a person. The seven spokes are; 1. Career 2. Family 3. Health 4. Friends 5. Community 6. Financial & 7. Spiritual. If one is to focus only in career and neglecting the rest of the six spokes, his wheel of life will not be rounded. Not a rounded wheel will not move smoothly and evenly. Under such circumstance, the unbalanced wheel of life will fall in a matter of time. After all everyone is given 24 hrs a day, one has to manage his time accordingly to achieve the best out of the seven aspects of living. One could be considered as truly a successful person, if the seven ways of life are reached effectively. I sincerely hope all companies and their agencies would promote a balanced live to their working staffs, rather than just gaining sales and profits without bothering the welfare of the people.

Warren Buffett's definition of success - "You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don't do too many things wrong."


Just Me said...

I love that whole person concept. I need to work on all of the spokes of the wheel.

Robert Foo said...

Hi LMc1381,

Congratulation! You make a perfect woman.