Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How skillful are you?

I had a chance to share an hour talk with two agencies today. I told be successful in our challenging life insurance business...we have to be skillful in our doing.

I related this true incident to the class. Quite recently, while I was dinning with a sweetheart in a crowded food court, I saw a unique skillful beggar. He was in his late fifties, looked healthy to me, dressed poorly in black and his hair was totally white. He wasn't afraid to move from table to table to beg. I saluted his courage and guts, to approach strangers without the slightest fear in his face. Most salesperson would not darn to prospect in open areas but this old man seemed to be enjoying his moment of begging. He was smart to identify the right person who had the softer heart at various tables. Each time he approached a prospect, he touched his tender hand over their arms for attention. Upon seeing his prospective customers, he used his gesture of expression from his face...was like telling to them.."Please help an old man like me!" Not a single word was uttered. At the same time, he limped and lower himself with only one leg standing, both hands holding a begging bowl upwards to face his customers. He stood motionless until a dollar or few coins were given. Each time he was paid, he would reward his customers with a thumb's up sign...saying thank you.

I was watching and admiring his movement. His closing was seven against ten...a ratio better than selling. He is truly a professional beggar who knows his business well. You might take him as a beggar but in actual fact he is a sales person who sells sympathy. He survives because his skill is there. What about you?

You might learn, if you could understand this phrase - "The feeble tremble before opinion, the foolish defy it, the wise judge it, the skillful direct it. — Jeanne-Marie Roland (1754-1793).

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