Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Learn to be confidence.

I was having my breakfast when I noticed one small boy and his elder sister were peddling their sales in an opened restaurant. The boy could be seven and the girl was around twelve. Perhaps due to the current downturn, many people are trying to sell in every possible way to make the extra income. However these two young children really caught me by surprise!

The boy was approaching every table, selling his packet biscuits and the sister was standing besides him. He wasn't shy to ask..."want to buy a packet from me?" Sad for him as there was no buyer from the entire shop. Over hearing his voice I heard, "Sis! Why nobody buys?" The sister replied with encouragement, "Don't worry! Some will buy. Continue to ask". True enough, there was one who bought finally and I could see the joy in both the children.

Patience is the game. In selling, one needs plenty of it to last and to survive. To the boy, it could be fun and excitement but I am sure he would learn to be strong, independence and skillful in future selling. The sister might be just watching her brother, in fact she made a good effective motivator and inspirer. I was glad to see them because they reminded my past. I did what they had done. My early grounding in life had made me a stronger person who isn't afraid to seek the unknown and to meet strangers. Patience has given me the confidence and courage to sell successfully.

Food for the thought - "Life's not about waiting for the storms to's about learning to dance in the rain" - Vivian Greene.

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