Sunday, March 01, 2009

Silent sorrow

Lai is seventy nine years old. I have known him for more than 25 years as a stationery shop owner. His shop is currently managed by his children. While passing his place recently, I dropped by to visit him, after not seeing him for many years. He almost forgotten me when I stood in front of him but with a bit of time given, he was surprised I was there.

I would never forget Lai because he was a highly sexual man. In order to satisfy his sexual needs, he had to pay for special services rendered outside. He had been doing it for the past twenty years, ever since his typical Chinese wife who wasn't interested in love making. Out of curisity while having a cup of coffee with him, I wanted to know whether he was still good and active in sex at this age. As we are closed friends, he wasn't shy to reveal his present strength. According to him, his family refused to let him go out by himself alone. Currently he has no chance to visit brothels in town, or to have sex holiday in Thailand. All his buddies or good friends of the same kind and interest had passed away or sickly to be with him. His only entertainment is by masturbating himself alone, late in the night when his family is asleep. He could not tell them his needs, while his family is thinking the man is aging, old, unhealthy and not interested in life. But the fact is...he is still a highly sexual person who has strong erection everyday. He is actually suffering from silent sorrow, a problem that could not be told.

Before I left him, he asked a special favour from accompany him for a sex trip abroad without telling his family. I was lost with words. A man who had worked hard through the years but have to end his life miserably without love and sex. I am sure there are many men who are like Lai...not able to raise their voice and respect but to suffer silently.

His children said his father is old and the wife claimed the husband is lazy. What about you the readers? How do you look at him?

Food for thought - "It is with sorrows, as with countries, each man has his own" ~ Francois August Rene de Chateaubriand.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

Lai's life is surrounded by families who need to understand each other's needs.Get the thinking out of the comfort or "ideal" so to speak.
Its normal to have the sex requirements, but as a bird's eye view we need to balance all requirements.
In terms of time, money, commitment and relationships.
I believe all needs to be balance.
But then it starts with the guts to think and accept out of the current zone.
The common problems with us in this part is living in "denials" of the true facts of life. Life is not about forcing people to become what they cannot be, but to accept what they are for or require, then all parties to compromise,negotiate etc..BUT then we all are not as strong in heart to do these......sad isn't it...
To Lai, its still never too late to start but then to start anything requires a big effort and a big heart.

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi RL...

Sorry to say, Lai has no guts...he has to suffer silently. You have true understanding of life for sure.