Saturday, March 21, 2009

Three R's

Some interesting facts I read through WALKTHE ............

The 3 R’s” of Business Ethics

Like to enhance your reputation as an ethical business person and team member? One of the best ways to do that is by focusing on – and mastering – “The 3 R’s”:

The first “R” of business ethics is RESPECT. It’s something that must be applied to people, organizational resources, and your environment. And it includes behaviors such as:
Treating everyone (customers, coworkers, vendors, etc.) with dignity and courtesy; Using company supplies, equipment, time, and money appropriately, efficiently, and for the business’ business only; Protecting and improving your work environment, and abiding by all rules and regulations that exist to protect our world and our way of life.

The second “R” of business ethics is RESPONSIBILITY – to your customers, your coworkers, your organization ... and to yourself. Included here are behaviors such as: Providing timely, high-quality goods and services;Working collaboratively and carrying your share of the load; Meeting all performance expectations and adding value to everything you’re involved with.

The third “R” of business ethics is RESULTS. More accurately, it’s right results – the kind where the how’s are equal in weight to the what’s ... where means to achieving ends are just as important as the ends themselves. Obviously, you’re expected to get results for your organization and for your customers. But you’re also expected to get those results legally and ethically. Allow yourself to lose sight of this, and you jeopardize your business and your career.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

Ethics is very important to start anything in life. Some may not realized this and they tend to drift to rejections and not favorable to others...Thanks for reminding us bro.


Robert Foo said...

Hi Sister...

I wrote to remind myself too. Thank you for reading.