Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Criticism meant to be good.

Would you like being scolded and lectured? Not Andrew! He told my friend, how he benefited from all my scolding and reprimanding for the past ten years. Andrew is one of my tenant who rented one of my property in Nilai. He was an unplanned person who was weak in time management. Those early days when I first known him, I had to go many times before I could get my rental from him. Though I could have scolded him for making false promises, I taught him to be punctual in all appointments. No business man could be successful, if he is always late in meeting. His table was unclean and untidy, making him disarranged and disorientated in thought. As he was the boss, no one darn to criticise and comment to his mistakes. Since he was my friend, I took the initiative and effort to advise and guided him from time to time. When he was not spending enough time with his family, I reminded him that happiness comes first from home. Without them, there is no purpose for doing well in business. When I saw his eyes were dull and weak, I knew his love was lacking. I encouraged him to spend a little more intimate time with his wife. Love & sex built strength and motivation.

Yes! I had scolded Andrew, who claimed he greatly appreciated my scolding and criticisms. In fact all the scoldings and criticisms were meant to be good for him. Only good friends will tell your wrongs. Today, I am proud Andrew is a successful renovation contractor. He has benefited from my teaching of life. So! The next time you are being criticised and commented, take them positively as a learning lesson. Now...I am ready to receive some comments from my sincere readers out there.

Food for thought - "Criticism is more effective when it sounds like praise". — Arnold H. Glasow.


Red Lavender said...

Hello Bro,

Some people tell you off because they care in a way.
But you my dear bro, you are too sweet to be criticised..I would just be open to you instead of criticised, because to criticised shows lack of understanding of the opponent being criticised...being opened in a low moderate toned voice show emphasis of seriousness, but then speak ethically by the work principle..and its fair enough to me...

Robert Foo said...

Hi Sister,

Your words are most appreciated. Thank you so much.