Thursday, April 16, 2009

I am a match maker too!

This week my good friend, Jun was beaming with joy and excitement because she just got to know another interesting male friend. Jun is an attractive and intelligent young lady, but something was missing in her heart as there was no love and romance in it. Though there were many male admirers trying their very best to woo and win her, not one with her chemistry could touch her feeling. She was mature enough to try to seek for any ideal boyfriend who is intelligence, smart, interesting, adventurous, humorous, responsible, caring, understanding and full of love. She has been working for the past three years, and at 24 today, she still could not locate her love by herself. Lonesome she was, I promised her a couple of months ago, I would help to select one qualified candidate, if that white horse happened to come my way.

Whether you called it as fate or luck, two months ago I met a long lost friend whom I had not seen for many years. On the meeting with his family, I was introduced to one of his son, whom I had seen when he was a baby then. Today the obedient son, has completed his studies and is fully involved with the family business. Quite recently, I had a chance to talk with this young man who eventually picked up a life insurance plan with me. Out of our discussion, I observed and qualified him to be an ideal client for me, who has also the qualities to be an ideal man for a suitable woman. Surprised me, with his tight schedules in work and business, he has little time to venture to mix with friends, especially the opposite sex. However he was frank to say he was lonesome as well.

Two weeks ago, I gave Jun's hand phone number to this young man, describing and explaining who this charming friend is. Without further ado, he called and later dated the lady once. Today, for the past one week, both of them were on sms endlessly and spoke for hours every night without getting bored. Jun called to ask me, "Are we in love? How come we could click so well with the same interests? After all, we just know each other for only a week!"

I told Jun the logic...your blinded sight had failed you to locate your love but not mine. With my experiences and wisdom, you had borrowed my five senses; sight, hear, smell, taste and touch to pick the rightful man for you. I might have known the young man quite recently, my senses tell that he certainly has the virtues, moral values and strong character to be the ideal partner for her. For their information, I learned all about lives while selling life insurance and as an agent I connect people, including match making, bringing happiness to all those I know. I sincerely hope, Jun has finally found her ideal man.

Can this be true - "A man falls in love through his eyes, a lady through her ears" - Aristotle Onasis

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