Friday, April 03, 2009

Life Insurance in the making.

Selling life insurance is not merely selling the products, it involves the understanding of life. In the journey of life, everyone has to experience the sadness and happiness of it. During the course of my work, I had often been approached as an elder to solve some of my clients family or personal problems.

Quite recently, Harry who is a powerful and prominent businessman, called to seek my wisdom advices. He knew not many friends are sincere to offer frank comments. Only best and good friends would darn to tell you wrong. He took me as an ethical and professional person, when I had the chance to hear his sorrow and unhappiness which no one knew. From rank and file he rose, from a simple man he grew to be in authority and fame. Today my great friend is rich and famous. Externally he was successful and happy but internally he was actually a depressed and a frustrated man. The simple man is happy, if his family isn't united and in harmony. A successful man needs a lady who is willing to manage the family. Harry wasn't happy because he thought his wife no longer loved him. He complained that the wife was unreasonable, nagged too much and not prepared to give her best to the family. Not taking side, I took the time to visit his home, when I had the opportunity to chat with all his family members. Over a cup of tea with his beautiful wife, she shared her feeling and emotion as well. The love of the woman over her man has never changed, except the man had drifted himself too far in life. Money and power had blinded the man, when his expectation of life was much higher. He treated his woman only as a wife and forgotten the role as a best friend and lover to her. He was unromantic and did not know what love's language the wife wanted. They had not been on holiday with private intimacy for quite sometime. There was a break down in their communication.

As a true friend to my friend, I told him his wrongs and defects. The mistakes lied in him and not with the lady. I advised him to immediately confess to the wife. Buy some roses and write these words..."Sweetheart I am so sorry! I love you." The last I heard from the children, the man and the woman had gone for their honeymoon.

To insurance is to insure a beautiful life while you are alive and being I am a life insurance agent I will try my level best to offer my sincere assistance in every way possible to those I meet.

These simple inspiring words from Mother Teresa - "If we cannot love the person whom we see, how can we love God whom we cannot see?"

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