Friday, April 17, 2009

I drive only an old faithful Honda to work.

Few young rookie agents asked, "Do we need to drive a BMW or Merc to sell life insurance?" What a funny way to ask!! I told them, "I drive only an old Japanese 2 litres motor car and I have been selling life insurance for the past 27 years".

From what I gathered from the younger aggressive agencies, its almost compulsory for all aspiring agents to own and drive expensive vehicles to sell insurance successfully. They claimed the branding of the car they drive, reflects their achievement and pride. They felt the good looking cars help to bring easier and bigger cases. To them success leads to higher and greater success. They could be right!

However as far as I am concerned, a successful life insurance agent is one who has the confidence of his personal self; his knowledge and application on his products, his commitment to his services rendered to his clients, his understanding of life, his compassion of people, his strong character and moral value. If he has the humbleness to feel what I had written, I am sure nothing will fail him in this challenging career. The branding of the artificial vehicle isn't important to him anymore. He would rather like to save and keep more financially where he stand much taller than to waste the unnecessary spending which he doesn't need. The extra cash should be better spent on charities and old foe homes. I believe, success is reflected more on the way you speak than the way you drive yourself.

This is what I learned - "Only when you respect yourself can you have the courage to humble yourself".


RL said...

Dear Bro,

As long as the car give comfort and is cost saving, its more than enough.
End of the day, I want to drive comfortably after a long day's work without too much worry and hassle from my car.
And when those beloved ones enter my car, they feel comfortable and relaxed without worrying too much not to make my car untidy...and feel the sense of being loose with care in my car...
That is one of my definition of maintaining relationship, respect & love with those loved ones.


Just Me said...

Funny, I don't like to buy things from people who have more than me or like to show off. I had 2 real estate agents, one drove a BMW and one drove a mini-van... I chose the one with the mini-van because I connected with her better. Yes, I made that choice on the car alone.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Sis...

I am sure this car I am driving will make you feel comfortable when you next drop by to KL to visit us. I like your sincere comment.

Robert Foo said...

Hi LMc1381,

Looks like I can sell you some life insurance too because I have a simple car. Right? I like your comment too.