Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I am curious! Do I make good to be an agent?

Someone asked, who are the best candidates to sell life insurance business. Personally I think, those who are too intelligence at the beginning might not be suitable. My experience tells me, those who are intelligent are usually high earners and holding important positions in work. If these group of personnel are influenced into our business, they make good insurance agents at the start. However on a longer term, they tend to deviate to something else later. The simple logic is, selling life insurance needs plenty of patience, tolerance and humbleness. The new intelligent agent, might have good strong network to start, when he could bring in fantastic sales from his previous contacts. Subsequently without the soft simple character of himself, he could find it difficult to provide the gentle and tender care for his clients. Often enough, I had seen countless successful intelligent agents of such turn to be involved in other non insurance businesses gradually, leaving their clienteles unattended.

On the other hand, those who were young with simple basic intelligence, prepared to learn and be trained, willing to work extremely hard, responsible and caring, are those who often made this career as permanent. Their start might not be spectacular but their humbleness gradually helps them to be recognised and be respected by their communities and friends. The longer they stay in this challenging industry, the easier and lucrative their business would be.

The purposes of me writing this article is...selling life insurance isn't going to be easy if one doesn't have have the patience and tolerance to serve willingly. Never be misled by false promises offer by the unscrupulous agency managers but rather use your own judgement by observation and listening from all sources. Yes! Selling Life insurance is a rewarding career but is only for those who intend to make it a life long one.

I like this well written statement - "When we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives but are grateful for the abundance that's present - we experience heaven on earth".

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