Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life Insurance in the making...Happiness.

I started the Monday today with a beautiful heart. Mrs Lim called to check with her husband medical insurance. They have been my clients for more than twenty over years. Their three children were very young then, and today all of them are pursuing their Master and degrees. Time passes so rapidly without realising the master of the family has reached 55 and soon to be retired from his job. Though the wife is only a simple housewife, she has done extremely well for being the pillar of the family. The husband is a quiet man who only knows how to bring back his small payroll. It was the wife who saved every cent through the many years that makes thing possible for the children to complete their higher education.

Over the phone she said with pride, "In life, I am lucky to have known three different professional friends. The first one was you, Robert when you approached us as an agent. You taught me to save and invest, which helped me to grow and expand. The next were a lawyer and a banker. Without your sincere guidance, I won't have reached this far to see our financial strength. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful friend".

That compliment really made my day and equally I am proud to have such friends who took my advices faithfully. Before I hanged up, I offered another new suggestions to the lady..."You have been a good wife for these past years. Now play the role as a best friend and lover to your man as well. He might not have many friends outside but as you are his best friend too, you can still share and make things happen for him. Allow yourself to be more romantic and loving to him. A feminine charm and voice can tickle a man. Don't be shy to tell him, he is still young and handsome. Tell him these three sweet words, I love you. Give him the energy of life and remind him that there is no such word as 'retiring'. His life just started because you are always there for him." Mrs Lim was caught with words but she is willing to follow my advices again.

Buddha said - "Happiness comes when your work and words are of benefit to yourself and others". I am glad, I could make these possible because I am a life insurance agent.

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