Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tips on selling life insurance..LOVE!

Chua is a typical Chinese man who is kind and a responsible person. Though he has all the love in his heart for his wife and two growing daughters, he would not show them out openly. One word of him is, he is an 'unromantic' man. Over a lunch with him together with my little darling, he revealed there were some unpleasantness at home. The wife was under depressed due to conflict over in her office and the children were lacking the attention from the mother.

As a long serving life insurance agent, I have had seen and heard these common problems facing most married couples. Both husband & wife work, and the children were left unattended alone during the day. By the time, they were back after work, they practically were exhausted. In order to overcome this daily events and happenings, love and sex is the only solution. Love has magic and sex creates more energy, if it is done beautifully with passion.

Chua was frank to admit, all his love & sex makings with his wife were done on an impromptu situation, had sex as and when they needed it. Most of the time were done and completed unsatisfied with the other partner hanging with doubts. A beautiful sex play could be arranged if Chua was prepared to discuss matters with his wife. Suggested to him, every week there must be an appointment made day for love & sex, when there is time and privacy for the hungry and stressful couple to recharge their lost energies for the week.

Before Chua left us, little darling assisted him to sms his wife this message; "My darling wife. I am thinking of you. Want to tell you..I miss you and love you. May I date you tonight?" The next day, Chua could not believe, called to confirm that truly love has magic. He claimed such messages should have sent much earlier when the wife was so delighted and joyful to read those beautiful simple words of energy. He had dated the wife with a fixed day to make love. The day, he didn't tell me!

Tip to selling insurance; we bond families together by talking and spreading the word "love".

Try this - "The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it. Especially today!"

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