Saturday, April 18, 2009

I can still make my fourth baby!

Women's gossip....

Over a cup of afternoon tea, Liza asked little darling, "Is he still sexually strong and active?" See! When men with men, we talked about women but among women, they also discussed about us. I wish Liza could have asked me personally, then I would speak my mind.

Just for her curiosity, men are not measured by our age to determine our sexual prowess. He might be young in age but if he doesn't take care of his health and physical, he could be worst off than an older man. As far as I am concerned, I looked at the eyes first to see his inner strength. Eyes of any person could reveal a lot of them. Their happiness and energy are all shown by the sparkle of their sight. In order to have these qualities, one has to be a discipline person who exercise regularly, proper diet and has a positive outlook in lives. A person of such usually has a decent and attractive personality. Otherwise, he could be young but might not be strong in sex.

For Liza information, given the opportunity, I can still make my fourth baby. Like to try?

Something we have to learn - "Never judge a book by it's cover!"


RL said...

Dear Bro,

You need to see my eyes. heee


Robert Foo said...

Hi Sis...

Have to let little darling know.