Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Is Virginity important?

I had a friend from London who shared.."I rather married a wife who isn't a virgin!" Ooop!! I could not believe his words until he explained. How could a woman be ready to get marry when she did not know how to appreciate and admire the beauty of love & sex. According to him, most British teenagers experience sex at an early age of life. Though they might not understand the true meaning of love at this innocent age; they learn, explore and improve each time they make the mistakes. And as they grow to be an adult, they are ready to give the best to their ideal partners of life. They make better lovers to those they marry.

I can't believe it! Coz all typical Asian men might get the pain of heart, if he married a woman who isn't a virgin on his first night of sex. For sure the men would be upset and jealous, wondering whether their women are the loose type. They could not bear to imagine the impurity and indecency of them. Many marriages were broken due to this unhappiness. I felt the same as well!

What about you, the one who is reading my blog now?

Learn the wisdom from -"It is an infantile superstition of the human spirit that virginity would be thought a virtue and not the barrier that separates ignorance from knowledge." - Voltaire


asw said...

i just gt the bad news, as my gf has admitted that she isnt a virgin anynmore, as you said i'm an asian and its a difficult thing to digest but not an impossible thing! if you love her, is a scar on her will affect much? for me, i need the love more than the virginity, there are many angel to see this.. But yes if you see it from the angel of you will never taste how a virgin taste, then you might not looking for love but only sex.

Robert Foo said...


If you love her,virgin or not isn't important any more. Thank you for reading my blog.