Friday, February 10, 2012

Can you get along with your in laws?

Can you get along with your in laws? Is a tough question!

In my years of interacting with my clients while selling life insurance, I had encountered so many complaints between daughters in law and their husbands' parents. The young one would claim the older one being so old fashion, unfriendly, firm and unreasonable, while the older folks remarked that the younger ladies had stole their sons away from them. The confusion and conflicts in the one married family made the sons difficult to take side. The wife is important to the son, and his parents are equally important too. However when things go 'haywire' beyond control, the only solution is for the son and the wife to stay away from the elderly parents.

I have four daughters in law from two sons. Have I confused you! Yes! I had! One of my son married three times with two divorces, letting me to have two ex daughters in law from his previous marriages and one current outstanding wife. The other non playful son only married once, and his wife is my daughter in law. Add them up, I have four beautiful daughters in law. Right?

Do I have problems with all my ex and present daughters in law? No! Never! All of them love me like crazy. So! What is the secret? Before all these intelligent ladies got marry to my sons, I befriended them first. When they were in their courting stage, and they came to my house, I treated all these ladies with special attention. I won them with my heart, my kindness made them felt comfortable and I talked with the same wave length with them. Later when they married my children, I promised myself that I would love them much more than their own fathers. Though I have no daughter in my life but God have given me four wonderful daughters in law who stole my sons from me.

You must know - "Adam was the luckiest man: he had no mother-in-law" - Mark Twain quotes.

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