Thursday, February 16, 2012

Prostitutes in Malaysia....

Another hot news in our local media... Cheap flights bringing in Chinese prostitutes.

LOW air fares and direct flights from 14 destinations in China are among the contributing factors for the influx of Chinese women into the country, reported China Press.

The daily quoted a Bukit Aman anti-vice, gaming and secret societies spokesman as saying that these women who had valid travel documents and student visas, blended in Chinese-populated areas with ease as the food, living environment, language and dialects were similar to those in China.

“Besides locals, foreigners also prefer them due to lower charges. Each sex session costs between RM150 and RM200,” reported the daily.

The news confirmed that there is good market for these Chinese prostitutes in our country. Is high time our women here have to learn, on how to discourage our men from seeking the services of these foreigners. 

Perhaps these three Golden Rules might be of help. There is an old traditional advice for women.. "How to be an effective and a good wife?"  One who is an obedient woman in the house. She takes care of the young and    respect the old. That's the first rule. Beside being a home maker, she is prepared  and willing to learn to be fashionable and knowledgeable a lady. In look she is always attractive and in mind she is intelligent. This is the second rule. The third rule is important... What other women could do outside, she has to be even better. Be a romantic lover and be a sensational sex partner too.

Most house wives could have mastered Rule Number One. But failing to accept rule two and three, the chances are they might loose their men to those tempting professional prostitutes who are out to lure the unsatisfied husbands. 

Joseph Conrad quotes - "Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men".


Anonymous said...

3 basic rules...thanks god its not 10 basic rules lol...

Robert Foo said...

Hi Anonymous,

The three basic rules were from old mums. Today we should have more.

Anonymous said...

Water find is own level......due to garvity. We need to build dam to control and to utilise the water for good use.

Robert Foo said...


Thank you for reading my blog

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