Thursday, February 09, 2012

Sex for man & money for woman....

I was down with a serious cough and fever last week. Unable to work because the coughing was very frustrating not allowing me to talk. Not forgetting that talking is my hobby. You can bar me from eating but definitely not stopping me from talking. Being my mind was still active, I used my hand phone to disturb some friends on the SMS. Sometimes handling five unlucky friends at one go. I was on full medication and yet my mind was still playful. However the only sad thing was, my little brother down there was totally down and flat. The uncomfortable physical of me had temporary reduced the size of the little brother. On normal day, especially reaching the morning dawn, I could always feel the strength of him awakening. Not the last week, poor little brother was equally sick like me. Both had to stay back at home, unproductive in every sense. 

Thanks God! On my second visit to my physician, he gave me a stronger dosage of medication which helped tremendously. The medicine allowed me to sleep through the whole night long. There was no coughing and the fever had left for good. Coming to dawn again, I had a marvellous sensational feeling. I could feel my little brother was awoke earlier than me. Boldly he stood with the erection without fail, confirming I had fully recovered from my sickness. 

Moral of the story: No man is a healthy man when he could not have a strong penile erection.

Second true story.

Madam Loo is my in law. She is 70 of age and has been a cancer patient for almost nine years. She had done twice surgeries to remove some of the tumours, countless chemotherapy sessions, experienced all types of drugs and medication to counter cancer and currently the Singapore Hospital is trying a new drug not tested before on her. Her body had gone through heavy abuses through toxic medication. Not many cancer patients could last these many treatments like her. Though she has lost a lot of weight, the lady could still survive and smile today. During the last Chinese New Year, when I was with her she told me she had received many ang pows ( red packets ) from her relatives. The biggest any pow contained 800 dollars from her niece. I asked her whether money was still important to her at the moment. Without hesitation she said it loud and clear "YES"

Moral of the story: As long as she still likes money, she would still be able to fight the threatful disease. I think woman likes money greater. Quote me if I am wrong!

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