Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Strictly for men to read....

My sweetheart sent me a special Valentine's message yesterday. I'm not supposed to share with everyone. But the fact is... I'm not a selfish person, I feel all men should read these interesting rules posted above. I'm afraid the words are a little small and you guys have to read them near. If you can't read them, then I think you are definitely too old to know. This message is meant strictly for the men only. So if you are one woman who is reading this post, I wonder whether you agree these rules applied. If you could laugh over this message and not the least be angry with me, I believe you are just as understanding a woman like my sweetheart. Yes! Ladies and Gentlemen what have you got to say now?


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,
Im sharing this in my fb thru ur blog ere. One can either have 1 woman who covers all the 9 roles, or to have a few or 9 women who cover the roles.

Anyway, they can be sister, mother, biz partner, frens, gf, wife, maid, cook,accountant and the list goes on.

Well, in short, i enjoy reading this n had a good laugh.
Thanks for sharing. ^^


Robert Foo said...

Hi Michelle,

You certainly sound a very mature lady who understands man. I'm sure you are a jovial person too. And I'm too lucky to know you as well.