Monday, February 13, 2012

Too dependable on maids....

This was in the paper's headline... Indonesian maids will arrive next month, says Papa. All is in order for the arrival of the first batch of Indonesian maids expected next month, The Foreign Maid Agencies Association (Papa) guaranteed.

The above news could be a joy for most working mothers here. Last year I had a lady's client who was crying furiously when I visited her home. She cried because her only maid left her after a quarrel in the house. She could not believe until the maid disappeared with all her belongings. She cried because she did not know how    to take care of her own big house. She doesn't know how to cook either. The children would be unattended and the clothing would be unwashed. Though she is a great lawyer in town, she never lives like a mother to her own home. A successful corporate lady but too dependable on a working maid. Believe me! There are many ladies out there who could be falling into the same trap like my friend here. So sad! Ladies have forgotten their original roles as a woman. 

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