Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Integrity & Honesty............

Yesterday I visited a single mother, a client I hadn't seen for quite sometime. Through her one hand, she raised her one son and a daughter, both seems to be obedient children who are doing well in their studies too. I praised and congratulated the mother who immediately responded by saying it was God who helped them. Her voice could tell she is a God fearing person. I felt good for her as well.

The purpose of my visit was she wanted to seek my medical insurance advices. Recently her own younger sister passed away due to stomach and colon cancer. There was no indication of  pain and symptom, and by the time the sister realised it, she was already at the four stage of this dreadful disease. Though a needed surgery was done, she died few days later. Now the older sister is afraid. She was suggested by some friends to perform an endoscopy on herself  just in case. In our country an Endoscopy isn't cheap. She asked me whether she could use our medical insurance to pay for her personal medical investigation. 

My explanation. Our medical insurance could be utilized only when one is sick, and not for any personal medical check up. Unless a doctor could confirm the client has to be admitted and hospitalization is required. My client interrupted me to say that many of her friends had made use of their medical insurances to get free medical check up in various hospitals. I was frank to relate... Yes! It's only if doctors and clients abused the benefits by not telling the truth to the insurance companies. In your case, I'm sorry you can't because you are a healthy person and not sick. I know the mother here wasn't happy with my statement.

Out of the blue, the lady asked me what religion I belong to.

Interesting question! When I was a little boy at twelve, my mother being an illiterate and a Taoist, who could not teach me her belief, she encouraged me to go to a nearby church to study Sunday Bible class. Without fail I was learning the Bible for four years, scoring high marks on every examination then. Later when I was around at my early twenties, I went to a Thai Temple to understand the Buddhism teaching. That took me another five years. Turning thirty, I met another wisdom Indian Guru who was keen to take me as his God Son. He taught me his religion, Hinduism with an opened heart. Around this period, I was given a Holy Quran in English Version which I kept faithfully but never read it. It was when I shifted house about 15 years ago, I accidentally found this book in my locker again. Without discrimination I read the entire Quran with so much understanding of today. What religion I'm? I had read all these religious holy books, non taught me how to cheat. They only taught me to be honest and be faithful in all my dealings. I sincerely hope my good client understood my implication of this story.

Food for thought - "Integrity is telling myself the truth. And Honesty is telling the truth to other people" - Spencer Johnson quote.


Just Me said...

I think the basis of all religious affiliations are the same. No matter what one practices the goal is to be just a good person. I'm glad I'm back to reading you, my dear friend. I've had some rough times, but reading your blog today made me smile. Thank you.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Just Me,

Good time doesn't last long, neither is bad time. Coz life is an endless journey. The best way to live, is to enjoy and have fun along the way. Why "Just Me"? Should have been "For all".

Adel said...

Now I like your religion. It's great knowing you, Robert.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Adel,

Kind hearted and naughty a person is normally a likeable & a lovable one. I feel equally honour to have great friend like you too.