Monday, February 27, 2012

Women make a lot of different.....

Ali has an Indian Muslim restaurant. He employed all foreign Indian male workers. Business wasn't good and he was quite worried over it. While I was taking my usual afternoon tea there, Ali seeks my advice on his shop's problems.

I was frank to reveal my observation to him. Though the shop had many workers, they didn't have the right attitude to work. There were no smile on their faces, and non showed their enthusiasm and interest over their serving. Instead of attracting customers who patronized, they caused more dissatisfaction than satisfaction. The down falls was simply the lousy services rendered.

Ali asked, "Any suggestion to correct and improve the situation Robert".

I responded with a big YES! Your men are feeling miserable because there is something missing in their heart. The fastest way to change their behaviour and attitude is, bring in two or more female workers, especially the younger one. No man can live without woman. More so these foreign workers have left home for so long, when they could be missing their families. With women of their kind working along should let them feel good.

Two months later, Ali managed to engage another three girls from India to work together with his men. He could not believe his eyes! The moment the girls came, all the men changed their attitude and behaviour immediately. They are more caring, responsible, full of joy on their faces, willing to walk their extra miles and no more complaint. The girls have brightened their thought for sure. Not long, the business shot up instantly. Women really make a lot of different. 

How true.."What would men be without women? Scarce, sir, mighty scarce." -- Mark Twain

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