Thursday, February 02, 2012

Words and understanding help a client....

Continue from yesterday posting...

Most husbands and wives argued and quarrelled in the house could be due to financial problems. Once that happened, the easy way out is to terminate insurance bills. A good insurance agent helps to resolve and provide solution to ease out matters. 

Knowing my client is always busy at their work, I sent a text message to him. It was written, "On checking you can still withdraw xxxxxk cash from your own plans together with your wife and daughters policies. If this amount can solve your immediate need, pls let me know and I would help to withdraw immediately".

Client was surprised with the savings he has with us. His reply, "Should be okay for now. Pls proceed".

RF: OK Once the cheques are out will contact you again.

Client: Thanks but I will be on leave from 10 to 22 Feb.

RF: Let me have your wife and your bank account. I would deposit cheques once they are here.

Client: Std Chart 00000007

RF: Is it joint name account.

Client:  Yes!

RF: That's a very lucky number you have there. Both account holder names will be blessed with wealth. On condition they must love each other. OK?

Client: Thanks because I do not consider you as my agent or advisor but my true and trusted friend that can confide at all times.

RF: Those words touched my heart. You really make my day.

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.
       - William Shakespeare


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