Friday, September 26, 2008

You are very important to me.

Sweet words are pleasant to our ears. Letting someone feels important is powerful. Gives sincere compliments and the world will be yours.

Everyone likes to hear these; you are smart, nice, lovely, attractive or handsome. On top of these, if you could place the important of a person, you will definitely be a likable person in no time.

Example: Someone asks you, "Can I see you tomorrow in the afternoon?"
The normal reply could be, "Yes! " or "Certainly! that would be nice."
Add improvement...."Of course! Actually, I have an appointment with another friend but I will see you first because you are too important for me."
For me, I like to add a bit of humour, cheekiness and spices...."Of course! Though I have an appointment with our CEO, I will drop him off to see you first. Because you are too important for me." (hahahahaaaaaa....)

For the ladies, if a man asks, "Dear, can I date you tonight?"
Her heart says 'yes' but her mind says 'no'. Or perhaps a 'no' is a 'yes' for woman. Or perhaps they are confused!! Finally she replies, "Let me think about it first!" I think, girls are good pretenders. Not my little darling. She would reply, "Of course sweetheart! I have waited so long for you to ask." And do you know why little darling is so positive with her reply? The reason is....I have always place her as very important in my lives.

My late mother had taught me when I was a small child..."Always treat everybody in front of you as important as your mum. You will succeed in life." It is a simple advice but it helps me to grow this far. Thank you true your words.


ohchek said...

No wonder you succeed in your business. Action speaks louder than words. Not many can claim to be like that in real actual situation. Amongst our friends, there are bound to be hypocrite around. Hence, trust not all but I think at least Robert Foo oklah........

Robert Foo said...

Hi Ohchek...

You are totally right. But don't be too bother by the hypocrities, after all the world comprises the good and bad. I am from the good and so do u..coz we are rich in heart who could understand the different. Happiness comes from the within and I am sure u have too. Thank you for your compliment.