Wednesday, September 03, 2008

How to win woman's heart.

A not so young man holding a greeting card in one hand, was jumping with joy. Out of curiosity I asked him, "May I know why are you so happy?" With a broad smile he said, "My darling sent me this card with all her admiration for me." He was not shy. Instead he handed me this special card for me to read.

The card was pink in colour, with the front headline printed as Valentine....I"m speechless. The next page was hand written by her. It started with, "You are brave, lovable, responsible, intelligence, approachable, funny, passionate, kind, creative, honest, fun, handsome, patience, cheeky, sincere, strong, understanding, committed, awesome and the best." The next following page was worded to him, "To my sweetheart darling. Everyday is a Valentine Day for me. Thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for being so patience with me. Thank you for your love, support and most importantly is thank you for being there for me whenever I need you. Thank you so much sweetheart! I love you!!"

Now I know why this gentleman was so happy. He was like standing on top of the world. He had conquered love. He was appreciated and accepted by the lady he loves so much.

For all my male readers out there. Many a time, we had forgotten how to love our ladies or we might not know the right way to love them. Perhaps this special romantic card shows the appropriate ways and manner for us to win our loves. Especially me, I have to give more to my little darling. I wish she could send me this card one day too.

Food for the heart - "Do not consider telling other people the truth about themselves unless you are unconditional loving and they are feeling loved enough to hear what you are saying" - Greg Baer, MD. Real Love.

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