Friday, September 05, 2008

I don't just sell but also preach to gain the divine force.

A life insurance agent is like a preacher who preaches faith. The later works for God and the upper works for mankind. A preacher advocates his belief to create hope and peace, which can't be seen but yet powerful enough for his followers to believe. A preacher has nothing to offer physically, except words which we except whole heartily with joy. An effective insurance agent advocates his belief to create the needs of hope and peace for his clients. Life insurance is an intangible product. It can't be seen but can only be felt.

A good preacher who convinces you to believe his faith is because he understands the holiness of life. He has seen suffering and tasted sweetness of lives. He understands mankind needs and wants. He knows our weaknesses and strength. He proclaims love and togetherness. His words vibrate with confidence. He speaks with sincerity and humbleness. His life is simple but full of wisdom and knowledge.

A professional insurance agent speaks like the above preacher. The difference is, a preacher earns nothing, except the blissfulness from his belief. Whereas the agent is paid in kind and remuneration according to his effort. As a follower of a faith, you pay your regular dues by prayers to remain connected with your belief. The insurance clients have to pay their yearly premium to be covered effectively.

A friendly advice for my fellow colleagues, don't just sell but be a preacher as well to succeed in this career. You will definitely gain the divine force and support from those you sell and preach.

Food for the thought - "Having money does not always bring happiness, but having a clear conscious definitely brings a peace of mind."

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