Thursday, September 18, 2008

Do u keep secrets?

What is secret? On checking the dictionary, it has many definition. They are; Not expressed: inward, Kept hidden from knowledge or view: concealed, Known or shared only by the initiated.

A sweet young thing recently asked me, "Does everyone keeps secrets from her loved one?" Certainly my dear! Each and everyone of us here, young or old, has secrets within themselves. She continued, "Is it good to keep secrets from the one you loved?" Mmmmm! That depends! Is good to keep secrets for good intention. Intention not to review for not hurting the other parties. However is bad to keep a secret when it is meant to be given. Perhaps that expression of secret could mean so much to her loved person.

The about explanation interests SYT. With some hesitation, she told me her heart has a secret written in thoughts. With her permission granted, she allowed me to reveal her hidden loves.

It was concealed as, "Darling, last night when you gave me a tender forehead kiss with a light hug across my arms, I felt so nice in feeling, when I can't blame you for doing this gesture..I want to say getting to know you is my honour and having you to be by my side is a miracle. Knowing your unconditional love and care to me is beautiful and marvellous.... u are my star, my hero, my protector, my buddy, my sweetheart, my darling and my soul mate. I will be there for u whenever u need me.. I am not sure why we only meet now but I know its for a reason and purpose. Thank you God for giving me such a beautiful warm passionate kind hearted intelligent committed responsible angel. I love you."

WoW!!! I could not believe those romantic expression. I told her, "My dear, that secret thought should not be kept at all. Please unfold your heart and let your lucky man knows." Although SYT was shy and timid, she finally revealed her love secret to her deserving man after my initiating.

Not all secrets are secret. Some are meant to be kept permanent. If you happen to have this hidden view and emotion, please don't keep it as a secret. You will be amazed how the effect is like, when the rightful person received your expression. I hope my little darling will not keep her intended secrets from me.

Food for the thought - "What one hides is worth neither more nor less than what one finds. And what one hides from oneself is worth more nor less than what one allows others to find" - Andre Breton.


Cherry said...

my SEVRET is "U"!!!!!^^

Cherry said...

should be SECRET!!!@.@

Robert Foo said...

Hi my dearrr Cherry...

Really!! I am your secret!!! Then you should not keep it as secret. Some secrets are supposed to be feel better telling them. I don't keep secret. I tell and write what I feel. Even at this moment. Your secret is most appreciated.