Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sex comes first in relationship?

Something to ponder!

Should sex comes first or love? The old days, was a taboo to have sex before marriage. Normally a man had to get engage prior to his interest over a woman. The female family would not be comfortable with this man, if engagement was not proposed. Was like a temporary lock up in love. I was one who were caught in this period of time. However, engagement did not give us the passport to sex. Within the shortest time, the in law would insist a marriage for the proposed parties. At last, sex was approved! What a joy.......

Today is a different era, when most couples start with sex before marriage. To them is like, try out first and see later. "Testing! Testing! 123......" Or perhaps they are playing with their emotions. Or mutual biological needs. Or is it a starter!! In a relationship, could love be developed without sex? My guesses from personal experiences and observation, love could not be flourished without sex in the first place. Couples could meet and talk endlessly, but without sex their feeling for each others will not be intense. They might be considered as just good friends but definitely not intimate partners. With sex over a relationship, both parties become serious and really involve in feelings. They are committed and responsible to each other. They tend to be more transparent and truthful. However having sex together, does not guarantee a faithful and happy love relationship either. It takes both to tango and to nurture a beautiful romance after that. I am from the past world but living in the present world to see the different of love and sex. Conclusion, I think love has to grow with sex. What about you?

Food for the heart - "Never break four things in your life - Trust, Promise, Relation & Heart because when they break they don't make noise but pains a lot" - Charles.

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