Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sex???? Sex business????

Selling life insurance is a professional and noble job on planet earth, but some black sheep make it unprofessional. I had seen it when I first started twenty six years ago. It is sad to see and to know this is happening again. Today they still practising it. The most simplest way to secure a new business is to provide sexual favours and obligations for those targeted prospects. They are usually the male prospects who are being fished out from the opened market.

Those days, attractive ladies were recruited to sell by their feminine seducing charm. Most men who received calls from them, found it difficult to resist not to meet these sexy darling agents. Today, I am surprised there are some female agents, taking the short cut way to reach their goals. To achieve success by working hard is meaningful. To reach your dreams and targets by being ethical and professional is respectful. However to gain all these recognition by merely tempting your prospects to buy with sexual offer added, is definitely a shame and disgrace. Where is the professional integrity?

Life insurance should be purchased with a needed protection. If the sales were concluded only by unethical and immoral services, most likely the sales would not last. The chances of lapsing is great because no professional advices and services are given. In the long run, clients would not benefit and insurance protection is neglected.

My advice to all my dearest professional insurance agents. When you sell, it should be with business ethical and no sex involved. If you have the intention of involving a relationship with the prospect, don't deal with him as a client. Draw your line!!!! Closed cases with pride and glory. But not with grudges and regret later.

Food for the thought - "I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position one has reached in life as by the obstacles, which one has to overcome while trying to succeed."


ohchek said...

Good piece of advice especially to those agents resorting to unprofessional and unethical methods. Why worry, their days are numbered. There are still lots of professional insurance agents out there.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Ohchek...

Few black sheep could tarnish the image of our industry. Not forgetting we took so long to earn our respect from the public. Of course, its lucky we still have lots of professional agents out u. Thank you for your comment.