Friday, September 12, 2008

Never compare when buy life insurance.

You can compare most products on purchase but try not to compare when buying life insurance. The minute when you start to compare life insurance with various companies, all agents will attempt to sell for their gains and not to sell for your actual needs. After all, agents are smart and witty salesperson who could juggle and manipulate their plans to capture your interest. The plans might look attractive in prices and covers externally but without you knowing many hidden benefits could be taken away or not included. Their main objective is to sell you on a short term basis, and not bothering the future outcome.

Bear in mind, there is no such plan as cheap in premium but high in protection and return. Logically is, protection and return are tailored according to premium payable. Or either high protection with low return at reduced cost. If any agent who promises, cheap premium for attractive protection and return, I suggest you have to be careful with them. There is no free ride for sure and don't be too gullible in the first place.

The best way to purchase a good life insurance is to pick from a committed and professional agent who cares. When you have identified the right agent whom you think is reliable and comfortable to you, just give him/her your intend budget and needs. A serious agent will be able to work out the appropriate plans and benefits which most suit your requirement. Meaning, he/she plans according to your needs without having the fear that you are comparing with others.

I hope the above information could be useful to those who intend to buy life insurance. My personal tag line - "Buy insurance when you don't need it. When you need it, you can't buy."

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