Saturday, September 27, 2008

Are U the possessive man?

Are you the type of man, who doesn't allow your woman to look sexy and attractive? I mean, she could be beautiful, but you won't let her to dress sexily and attractively outside. Her beauty could only be seen by yourself, and not to be admired by others. If it is so, I think you are the possessive type. Possessiveness is actually dominating. You lack confidence for fear of loosing your love. It might lead to jealous and distrust which are not good for a love growing relationship. After all love is trust, patience, tolerance and understanding.

As a man, I too love to dress well and be admired by others, including by the opposite sex. I am sure all ladies love to do so even more than man, to dress and to have their own female characteristic image. Woman is created with a charming beauty for the world to admire. My little darling is a sexy and gorgeous woman. Since young, she has developed the desire and interest to look neat and attractive. I am the type of man, who likes my little darling to dress as attractive as she likes. Do whatever she could but to look beautiful and be admired upon by those who are lucky enough to sight her. She is blessed and created with such prettiness and intelligence. Why should I be possessive to dominate her in the first place? Whenever I have the chance to be with her, I know all eyes will be on her. Some male's stares could be dangerous coz of her brave sexiness exposure. Many look at her with admiration. I took all their eyes toward her as my pride and honour for my little darling is such a beautiful angel. Though she created some sensation with her fantastic personality, deep in my heart I tell myself..."Robert! u are damn a lucky man to have such wonderful charisma." After all she is the apple of my eye who knows how to express herself.....

My strongest belief in romance...."To trust is to love. To love is to trust." For the men, if truly you love your ladies, never possess your love in any way of their lives.

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