Sunday, September 28, 2008

A hungry man is an angry man

Just for a Sunday laugh...

A hungry man is an angry man. I think is true! I could be a wonderful person, but when I am hungry, I behave horribly and look a different person in character. A slightest issue could disturb my anger. I think illogically with lesser positive energy. As this is my physical and mental weaknesses, I try at all cost to avoid not eating at the right time of the day. If I need to see important people, I make sure my stomach isn't empty. A well fed person will always speak better effectively.

There is another Chinese saying, "No man could be successful, if he isn't fed sufficiently well by his upper and lower needs." The upper is his three meals for the day, and the lower is his sexual satisfaction. The three meals offer him strength and energy, whereas sexual satisfaction gratifies his desire and contentment. Food could be abundant for a man but if he is deprived of his sexual gratification, he will never be a happy man. If you see an unhappy man, most likely either his upper or lower, or both upper and lower needs are not taken care. Whereas a happy man completes his life with a woman he loves. As woman has the magical touch to keep us warm from top to bottom.

Would you agree with me? "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. A nice sex a day, keeps the anger away."

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