Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Life starts at 60

I have two mentors, our ex PM of Malaysia, Tun Mahathir and Dr Bob Delmonteque. Both are in their mid eighty, who are still physically fit and healthy. Although Tun Mahathir has retired from politics, he is still a great elder statesman for our nation. Dr Bob was a medical doctor and today he is a health consultant. His present body posture will put many to shame.

As long as these two gentlemen are still around, I will consider myself as young. Not like many who are like my age or even younger, are afraid to live too long in life. They think old age is a burden to their family or they might not have the value to be respected. Not me! I personally think, life begins at 60,when I have gathered much knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge allows me to grow and wisdom helps me to understand life better. Today I have been fitter and healthier than when I was much younger. My little darling thinks I am handsome because I know how to present myself to be younger, in thought and body. My constant exercise built stamina and strength, which improves my overall sexual performance. They said when you are old, you should reduce your sexual activities. Not me again! In fact, I had never enjoyed my sexual life greater than today. My mind is more creative and sharper. I speak confidently and write to draw attention. My heart is richer when I am too eager to share and give. I enjoy and appreciate every moment of my time now. I don't feel I am 60 but rather 37 and turning 36 next year.

A wise mind and a healthy body is possible, if our mindset is positive and fearless. My two senior mentors have make it, so am I and you as well. We are not growing old but rather we are still growing up.

Food for the thought - "A man's worth is his knowledge" - Saidin Ali Bin Abu Talib.


ohchek said...

Dear Robert,
Hope that u will ascend to your two mentor"s level.At the same time,we will try to follow suit.
Taking your words of " we are not growing old rather we are growing up" surely means so much for us to ponder again and again.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Ohchek...

You like reading my blog and I love to read your comments over each daily title. Please feel free and have the courage to advice if I am at wrong.

Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional. Growing old, mind is stagnant but growing up, mind is still young to learn and venture. Pls dont ponder...just feel to grow up till the end of life.

Thank you for your early comment for the day again.