Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I am younger as I grow older.

Chee Ying is one of my daughter in law. I have not seen her for almost a year since they had moved away for the south. Upon reaching her home, she stared at me with surprise. She said, "Dad! You look so young. My husband or your son seems to be older than you now. He won't darn to dress your colour. Who have changed your personality?"

Hugging her, I replied, "I have a little darling who shows me the way to keep young. You are to be blamed for not making my son looks younger than me. I gave my handsome boy to you and you turned him to be older than his dad."

This is true fact of life. When you are younger, you want to look older. However when you are older, you prefer to be younger. The upper is easier to reach but the latter is difficult to maintain. Because you need plenty of guts, know-how and love to get it. The easier way is to fall in love again with a little darling who cares and understands you.

Food for the heart - "A smile is a light in the window of the soul indicating that the heart is at home."


Alvin Foo said...

totally agree with you on that as your little darling must had made you feel younger. I on the other hand had always felt young, not so much whether of whether i have little darling or not, i feel young because i choose to. So i always young.

Chee ying had better start to work on baldwin otherwise he will be a really old man even before he turns 40. poor baldwin. hehe.

Robert Foo said...

Hi son...

When u are young, its natural u should feel young. Not when u are at my age coz there are many factors that might deter you not to. As I had written, you need to have guts, know-how and plenty of love energy to change your way of thinking & feeling. I bet you will be like this naughty man here. HeHeee!!!!