Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Try something different in selling.

Do you try these?

I will never start selling without a good head conversation. It might be a first introduction or to present a proposal to a prospect. I normally begin with a friendly chat to feel and understand my listeners first. I have to sense that my prospects are comfortable with me, to know whether the time and place are convenient, and to understand their mood at the moment of interaction. If any of these are not placed right, I will not proceed to the main frame of selling my services. What is the point to sell, when our prospects are not ready to listen! If their mind and concentration are not with me, I am sure no sales could be concluded. This is the golden rule of selling. Please believe me because I had made enough mistakes in my forty years of selling to confirm this rule.

Once I could settle with a prospect who is ready to listen with my plan, I always sell with a minute sale first before I proceed to the longer minutes sale. Try these. "Are you ready to see the million dollars in making? If yes, I need half an hour of your pleasurable time, Mr prospect?" Or..."I can lead you to a Million funding, if you have some time with me." Or...."Your past was the experience. Your present is important to face the future challenges. I can see your fantastic future. If you can allow me to show and share with you. Just give me one hour of your time, you will never regret over it."

Unless those powerful sentences are accepted whole heartily, your prospects might not give you their full attention to listen. Not forgetting, listening is not the same as hearing. Hearing is light but listening is stronger. In selling, listening of our prospects is vital important. When our prospects actually wanting to listen, our selling or sharing of ideas will be more effective.

Selling and courting are quite similar. If the lady isn't listening, the man might find difficulty to win her. The same one minute sale is applicable to capture the interest of a girl. Try this! "All men will fall for you my little darling. Just give me 10 minutes, I will tell you."

Food for the thought - "We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future" - George Bernard Shaw.


dct said...

Lots to learn from you.

Robert Foo said...

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