Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Can money change a person's character?

Someone was asking this question? Can money change a person's character? I am sure it can. Many years ago, over our radio's talk show, they were debating on this topic. Many were claiming they won't as religion or upbringing were the main factors which hold their dignities and self control. Out came a young lady of early thirties who was frank to speak her mind. She believed most people were bullshitting, hypocrites and were not telling the truth. Although she was a religious, homely, responsible, caring and a kind hearted person, if someone out there was prepared to pay her a million dollar and wanted her to change her character from good to the worst...she would do it. Though she had been working very hard for many years as secretary, she had never seen this much of money before. She did not mind to change her total self character, personality or whatever ways she was instructed to do so, as long as she could have those cash in hand. It was easy for others to say they won't, because...the fact was, nobody was given cash to do it in the first place. If cash was there, everything was possible and this is true fact of life.

I have to agree with this brave lady who was telling the truth. Even myself had experienced such happening. KW is a childhood friend since the school days. After we had left school, all of us went our different ways to make our careers. Of all our school mates, KW did very well in his career and later ventured into business. He became rich, famous and was also awarded the Datukship twenty years ago. I had not got a chance to meet him until about eighteen years ago, when I accidentally saw him in a private club having lunch with some attractive ladies. Out of courtesy and respect, I went over his table to greet him. Though his age had caught up but he still looked the same as like a boy to me. I called him by his nick name from our schooling day, "Hi! KW how are you? Is great to see you here. Can you recognise me? I am Robert Foo from CRS school." Out of surprise he stared with an unfriendly glimpse, and said, "I am sorry...I don't know you, please leave us alone." I was taken aback with that statement. I was sure he knew who I was because I addressed him with our childhood name. Perhaps he might have felt offended when I did not call him by the first status name, Datuk. I could not imagine KW had changed from a humble simple friend when I first known him to now an arrogance and high headed person. The different was, last time he was poor but now he is rich and famous. Through some of our common friends, it was confirmed, our successful KW no longer like to associate with his old friends who knew too much about his past. Money has definitely changed his personality.

My belief - "Money can makes the world goes round. Too much money can also turn our senses down. Money isn't money if isn't utilized. Money spend can contribute to economical growth. More so, if it is spend to save a person's life. Too much money can be evil. Too little money can be sorrowful. Just have enough and would do"


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert

Sad to say, it is so easy to forget our roots, I hope I wont face this situation someday. Just meet up with pri sch friends (and soon we will meet our form teacher!)and we have lots of fun talking about our silly childhood days.


Anonymous said...

Hi, brother , not only money can change a person"s character, but also the status!Just a simple n humble teacher, once promoted to an administrative officer, he or she will become high-headed!What is there to be so great ?
Sister Pearl.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

So its a fact of life in being "proud" of the achievement of life by making more money...but then its how you utilise the money.. makes you who you are. Dont let money control your reputation and humbleness...one day money wont be there to stay...because we spend..and spend..and spend..and I guess we all know what the end result would be...

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi Zenpoet,

As long as our own character do not change...we will not be offending anyone. Thanks for your comment.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Sister Pearl,

Money is good but use it right..then the virtue is there. Thanks for coming back sister.

Robert Foo said...

Hi RL,

You are young but you speak with wisdom. I am so happy for you my dear.

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Anonymous said...

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Best regards

Robert Foo said...

Hi Carey,

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you have not changed....

Anonymous said...

can u plz stop telling your personal experiences and write something proper! plz